I first met Tottie on attending a free trial lesson for the BEAT class which I thoroughly enjoyed. Henceforth I decided I wanted to go that extra step further to tone up and build strength. Through discussions and observations with Tottie, I signed up for the COMMIT TO FIIT for 10 weeks comprised of 1 PT Session, 3-4 classes per week + Healthy Eating Plan & Weekly Check In’s. This was a big challenge for me in itself as I had never done anything like this before and was quite nervous.

But thanks to Tottie goals were accomplished!  Her positivity and passion for fitness has taught me to believe in myself. For me the intensity in her voice gives me the power to drive and aim for the best making it joyful at the same time.

Discussing my dietary plans on a weekly basis has raised my confidence inconsiderably. At the end of the 10 weeks I feel like a complete new woman.  I have lost 2 stone in the process, toned up and even managed a few muscles!

Sense of achievement is rewarded especially when other colleagues compliment you on your success.

So no haste no gain, you won’t be disappointed.



I began ‘COMMIT TO FIT’ @ Lear Fitness, Leamington Spa with Personal Trainer, Tottie 10 weeks ago and I’ve shed 14lbs in weight, built muscle (I can actually see my abs), become fitter and stronger, but more importantly, healthier! This is all the testimonial you need! The results speak for themselves. I couldn’t have done it without Tottie and her amazing energy and enthusiasm for guiding me to reach my fitness goals.

This is the third time I’ve committed to a training programme with Tottie over the past 10 Years and it won’t be the last. Each time I’ve had different goals depending on where I’ve been in my life, the first time being post-natal and wanting to shift baby weight and get fit. I can honestly say I was really unfit. But with Tottie’s guidance, expertise and personally tailored programme (post natal focused) I managed to go from struggling to run 100m to running 5K, then 10K, then a half marathon.

Tottie is pure energy, she understands how hard it is to change habits that hold you back. She has endless tips and recipes at the ready to give you new ideas of how to eat and think differently about food. I like to think that each time I’ve trained with Tottie I’ve learnt something new about how I eat and exercise. My body has changed over the past 10 years and following a slipped disc, which left me unable to walk for three months, a difficult and very painful time, I had to say goodbye to my running days. I felt miserable and missed exercise, but was scared of injury. 

TOTTIE TO THE RESCUE: Come to BEAT she says! OMG that’s too hard. But I’m soooo glad I took Tottie’s advice, because now I absolutely love BEAT. Not only is it low impact, I rarely have back pain now, but Tottie has to be the best BEAT instructor ever!!! A hard workout that is fun, uplifting and always has amazing tunes to BEAT to. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are now my favourite days, because its BEAT at Lear Fitness with Tottie. The whole vibe at Lear Fitness is fantastic. Friendly, fun, helpful, inspiring and motivating.

So I just want to say a massive heartfelt thank you to Tottie. You are amazing and I’m looking forward to reaching more fitness goals with your expertise in the future.

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Being an instructor is about helping people be who they want to be – but safely. It’s about knowing every move, and teaching them to the people who can most benefit. And it’s about seeing in people’s eyes the pride of a job well done. Sound like fun? It is. Contact me today to talk about becoming an instructor – it’s every bit as fulfilling as you think.

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