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What a BEAT qualification does for you the instructor, is provide you with the knowledge of how to produce these fantastic playlists, how to turn a standard class into an amazing one, technically, as well as enjoyably. There is an essential order for your playlist, nothing is left to chance, we learn how to work with, and to, the beat. How to put together an even workout, giving the correct amount of sprints, climbs and HIIT tracks.

There is a special dialog, to be used to encourage and involve your BEAT athletes. 
Personality cannot be taught, but brining out your own personality, encouraging your BEAT athletes to banter, volunteer in audience participation and generally get involved with the whole BEAT experience, can be.  
You will learn to do this safely, professionally and confidently.
After experiencing and teaching indoor cycle for 17 years. What I have done is taken the most fun, rewarding and effective strategies from all of my experience and created BEAT
What BEAT does that is different for the BEAT athlete is bring everyone together. You get an amazing workout with a fantastic atmosphere, something consistent yet never boring, something challenging but achievable. When trialled 80 percent of participants said they worked harder, achieved a higher heart rate, higher wattage output, burned more calories and felt more in control. And all commented that concentrating on the beat took their mind off how hard they were working.
Its almost like we create a family in BEAT, a community. Everyone works to their own ability but at the same pace (the beat) we stay together, start, middle and finish. In BEAT no one gets left behind, your only competition is you. This gives all our BEAT athletes a great feeling of achievement and most importantly progression and that’s why they keep coming back. As well as all of this, it’s genuinely the most fun, on a bike

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Being an instructor is about helping people be who they want to be – but safely. It’s about knowing every move, and teaching them to the people who can most benefit. And it’s about seeing in people’s eyes the pride of a job well done. Sound like fun? It is. Contact me today to talk about becoming an instructor – it’s every bit as fulfilling as you think.

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