Kettle Bell

The kettle bell is a great tool, but it can be intimidating. If you’ve ever seen someone using a kettle as if it’s a tennis ball, throwing it high over their heads or tossing it around like a hot potato, you’ll know what I mean. I’ll help you keep things controlled – you can go as slow as you like and most importantly I’ll teach you to avoid injury. We’ll start with three or four big moves, but keep things focused – you might start slow but you’ll advance quickly. This is a fantastic introduction to weight training: get great results without any of the injuries.

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Become a BEAT instructor

Being an instructor is about helping people be who they want to be – but safely. It’s about knowing every move, and teaching them to the people who can most benefit. And it’s about seeing in people’s eyes the pride of a job well done. Sound like fun? It is. Contact me today to talk about becoming an instructor – it’s every bit as fulfilling as you think.

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