BEAT Indoor Cycle

What is BEAT Indoor Cycle?

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Well, it’s exactly as it says on the tin, it’s indoor cycle to the beat of the music, it can be the fast or slow beat. We often follow a double beat.
BEAT is a more controlled yet fun way of indoor cycling. If for instance we have an athlete who is new to BEAT indoor cycle, or in recovery from an injury they can work with the beat, but, adding resistance at their own pace still managing to stay with the team. This will give confidence and a sense of achievement to the athlete, instead of making them feel inadequate. If an athlete is training for say a body building competition, they’ll be worried about loosing their gains and will want to keep their resistance higher possibly than the majority of the class, they can. They can push for speed with the same beat so as to add wattage and still be muscle building. 
When sprinting to the fast beat, the team again can work together, still adding resistance but again at their own pace.
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