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BEAT Indoor Cycle

BEAT is exactly as it says on the tin, it’s indoor cycle to the beat of the music, it can be the fast or slow beat. We often follow a double beat.

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Kettle Bell

I was driven towards a career in fitness, after I discovered the love of feeling good, being an unfit, non-sporty child/teen.

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Functional Intelligent Interval Training is the smart way to exercise.

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Body Engineering

"It's my business to help people find their fitness"

We’re not machines, but our bodies are. Just as your car needs to be tinkered with and tested, so do your muscles, joints, and bones.

That’s what body engineering is: getting the best out of the machinery you have. I approach each of my clients totally fresh, with bespoke packages that understand the needs and capacities of each individual.

Together, we’ll build a complete work-out that will make you the engineer of your own body: you’ll be given the techniques and knowledge to get it into tip-top condition and raring to go.

Become a BEAT instructor

Being an instructor is about helping people be who they want to be – but safely. It’s about knowing every move, and teaching them to the people who can most benefit. And it’s about seeing in people’s eyes the pride of a job well done. Sound like fun? It is. Contact me today to talk about becoming an instructor – it’s every bit as fulfilling as you think.

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